By Abiola Shodiya

Kabiro Dogo, who recently quit his position as the coach of Nasarawa united, only to rescind the decision 24 hour later, has revealed reasons he initially quit the team before changing his mind.

Nasarawa United are yet to get into the form that saw them finishing 3rd in the NPFL two seasons ago as the club currently occupy 15th position on the log with 13 points so far, this term.

“It was not an issue of management or anyone. I’ve had 100 % support from the government to the management, even players and fans. But sometimes we’re human; that game was a game I planned on getting three points. But my boys played below expectations that day and I wasn’t happy about the reaction of some of the fans.

“I taught they’ll be patient with the team, but that day, I was annoyed seriously because the boys let me down. And I wanted them to realise the job is not something I’m afraid of losing. That just came up as a result of annoyance with the players”.

Dogo also revealed how he was persuaded by many people, including the government before he reneged on his decision to quit.

“A lot of people, the government, some of the players were in my house begging me to stay. And some of my senior colleagues, everyone advised me not to do that. These are people I can’t refuse their pleas”.

Kabiru Dogo also thinks the club’s supporters need to be educated after the melodrama he experienced from his own fans.

“That’s another area club administrators have to work on. Because the organisers, referees and players and club administrators have been changing their attitudes towards the game but the only people unchanged are the fans. The league has changed, it’s not a situation where you have to win at home at all cost. But the fans need to be educated seriously. The media, organisers and clubs need to do this through the media. Coaches are not God, we can only train people. Nigerian fans are far behind. They don’t know what support is all about. They don’t know the meaning of having a club. Perhaps it’s due to our economy, because the way our fans behave is bad. If things continue like this, we’re going to find it difficult for our best players to come out for home matches. Even the coaches can’t be settled for home games. The players will be looking to play in away games where there will be no pressure. And if you lose your home games, there will be problems. So, they have to learn how to endure. Losing at home doesn’t mean you can’t win elsewhere. Also, more security needs to be provided. If possible, secret agents should be sitting among the fans”.

Kabiru Dogo Suleiman is the Head Coach of NPFL Side, Nasarawa United
Kabiru Dogo Suleiman is the Head Coach of NPFL Side, Nasarawa United

Dogo, who revealed he will be quitting Nasarawa United at the end of the season, said he has a target he has set, to achieve before leaving.

“I’ve told them by the end of the season I will be stepping down. I’ve spent 3-4 years here. So, I believe it’s time to move on to another challenge. But before I leave, I’ve promised them a trophy. It’s either in the league or the Federation Cup. And I believe by God’s grace I’ll achieve that. I’ve a target I always pray. I want to leave in a very good way by giving them their first trophy in history,” he concluded.

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