President of the Nigeria Football Referees Association, Mr. Tade Azeez, has said that Nigerian referees officiating in the various leagues across the country are not in any way helping the home teams to win games in the NPFL, NNL or the nationwide league.


Speaking exclusively with, Azeez said that better prepared teams always win either home or away, and that the home teams, in most cases, know how to play on their turfs better than a visiting team, and can always take advantage of that and overwhelm their opponents.


“The issue of anybody winning a game has to do with their level of preparation. There is something we call home advantage, because they are already used to their turfs, they know the good and bad parts of the pitch and they can take advantage of that to overwhelm their opponents.


“Weather is another factor because, local teams get acclimatized to their weather, especially when they live in hot zones like Maiduguri. The heat can affect players who are not used to it.


“Also, the power of the home fans cheering their teams cannot also be underestimated in a football match. So, we have to put all these factors into consideration before accusing our referees who are just doing their jobs of trying to favour home teams.”


“Referees have nothing to do with the outcome of any game. We review every match and any referee that is culpable of helping any team, be it the home or away team, gets to face the music,” Azeez concluded.