Ajuma Otache is a former Super Falcons player

Former Super Falcons midfielder Ajuma Otache has said that Nigeria have to adopt a long time preparation strategy for the Super Falcons to compete favourably at the world stage.
According to her a Nigerian team that is practically underprepared for competitions cannot be compared with the USA female team who are use to playing  over 200 games before a world cup, neither can they be compared with their Germany or  France counterparts, who are miles ahead with adequate preparations ahead major tournaments.

Otache told that the country can not continue to make the female team play local boys  in friendly matches and call it preparation.

“In terms of preparation for our female national teams we have not really done well, we have the culture of preparing our team two weeks to competition and is not helping us.”

“I will lay enphasy on long term preparation , we have to camp our team for a long time ,for our Super Falcons to do well.”

“We have to use the United States female team as example they use to play over two hundred games before the world cup.”

“Nobody will compare the preparation of the United states ,Germany  or France with that of Nigeria that will just play only four games and spend the average of two weeks in camp.”

“We can’t really call the Falcons playing three or four matches against boys team locally preparation if we are to be honest with ourself, more need to be done.”