Abia Warriors football club coach, Abdullahi Biffo, has said that it will take time for any coach to change Nigerian league players poor away game mentality. Biffo whose players are also guilty of same, told exclusively that in the mind of an average Nigeria player the best they can get in an away game was a draw, noting that any team that prepare well will always get a good result in any match situation.

“Nigeria league is definitely getting better like the other leagues in Africa, the only difference now is the mentality of the players when it comes to away game.

“It will take us time to change the mentality of our players concerning away games because our   players have this mindset that the best they can get in  away was a draw,” Biffo said.

He said once their team is leading the players have the culture of withdrawing back to defend and will not listen to their coaches even as they  are urging them to go for offensive game.

” We have a long way to go in changing our players’ mindset so that they can follow the improvement in the league.”