Former Zambian international, Kalusha Bwalya of the opinion that the Super Eagles are the strongest team in their group and would clinch the sole ticket at stake.

Kalusha, who is a former president of the Zambian Football Association, exclusively that it’s a one horse race which lies in the hands of the Super Eagles.

The Zambian said: “I am not here to predict who wins the group or not, but on 6 points in the group, and a 4-point advantage over the next possible challengers, its Nigeria’s group to lose. 

“The Super Eagles started the qualifiers well and grabbed the early initiative, so for now it will be almost impossible not to consider them favourites in the group.”


He stressed the need for teams in the continent to focus more on the pitch rather than the political aspect of the game, as African football is beginning to lose its fame globally.


The former Zambia captain also posited that he hopes for better representation of African teams at the World Cup in Russia.



“We in Africa are fund of looking at numbers for political reasons; we want better representation but at the end of the day and the teams have to play well on the pitch.

“We need teams that can get to the semifinals. In 2010, Ghana came close but that has been the best an African side has achieved which is not befitting for our football status,” Kalusha concluded.