Super Eagles’ Coach Gernot Rohr, has said he is calm and that his team are not afraid of any opponent in the 2018 World Cup Draw that will take place on Friday.

Speaking from the Crowne Plaza at the World Trade Centre, in Moscow, the morning after he landed in the Russian capital for the showpiece event, Rohr told that there are no weak squads in the 32–team field, and anyone hoping to play so–called ‘average teams’ in the group phase is only guilty of wishful thinking.

Nigeria emerged from a truly tough qualifying group, which included three teams that were among Africa’s five flagbearers at the 2014 World Cup, and the other – Zambia – having won the Africa Cup of Nations only few years before. All were former Africa Cup champions, and Cameroon were even the Cup holders.

“All the teams that are in the Final Draw, except the host nation Russia, played qualifying matches. They all emerged from tough encounters and therefore, none can be tagged ‘weak.’

“In the next 24 hours, we will enter the State Kremlin Palace for the Final Draw and a couple of hours later, everyone will know their opponents. There is no apprehension. If you have to be listed among the best, you have to conquer the better teams and even beat some of the best.

“Seriously speaking, every team has the right to dream. But we have our heads on our shoulders and our feet on the ground, and whatever draw comes, we will take it one match at a time,” Rohr.