Former coach of Al-Khartoum Watani, Emmanuel Amuneke had said he is still in the Northern African country because the club’s management is yet to sort out the backlog of salaries owed him and his backroom staff and his severance pay since they broke the contract.

According to the former Nigerian international, who spoke to exclusively from his base in Sudan, the club is owing him and his backroom staff two months salaries and also will have to give him a severance pay since they are the ones that canceled the agreement.

“Yes, I am still here and will not leave until the club sorts me and my staff out. They are owing us two months’ salaries and they don’t expect me to leave and then return to collect the money later in the nearest future as they have proposed. I am also due to have my severance payoff from them. It is in the contract both parties signed,” the former Flying Eagles’ handler said.

The coach, however, revealed that the club’s management will meet on Thursday to decide on how to resolve the issues on the ground.