Despite fears that the country will not be ready in time to host the African Cup of Nationa next year, the Cameroonian football federation has already put in place logistics for the competition after naming host cities and stadia that would host the competition, reports.
Reports emanating from CAF last week suggested the country might be stripped of the hosting right with the final inspection due next month, but the Cameronian FA have now made drastic steps in ensuring the country hosts the tournament.
According to reports in the country’s media, teams in Group A will be accommodated at Paul Biya Stadium of Olembe in Yaoundé with a capacity of 60000 seats, with the teams scheduled to train at The Paul Biya Annex Stadium 1, The Paul Biya 2 Stadium and The Beac Stadium, whilst the teams are scheduled to camp at the Hotel Mont Febe, Hotel Djieuga Palace and Olembe Sport Complex Hotel.
Group B meanwhile will be lodged in Douala and will play its matches at the stage of Japoma, a stadium of 50,000 seats with the teams scheduled to train at The Japoma Annex Stadium, the Stage of Reunification, The Mbappe Leppe Stadium and The Bonamoussadi Stadium, whilst they will camp at The hotel Sawa, Starland Hotel, Pullman Hotel, Hotel Akwa palace and Residence the cliff.
Group C will play at Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium in Yaoundé stadium of 40000 seats, while training will take place at the Ahmadou Ahidjo annexe stadium 1 and 2 and the military stadium, with the Hilton Hotel, Hotel Franco and Cliff Hotel expected to house the team’s in that group
Group D will be housed in the city of Bafoussam at the KOUEKONG stadium with a capacity of 20000 seats. The teams will train at KOUEKONG annexe Stadium, Bamendzi annexe stadium, TOCKET annexe stadium and Mbouda stadium. The selected hotels for the groups are Hotel Zingana, Hotel Bana Valley, Tagidor garden palace of Bangou and Hotel Bantou
Group E meanwhile is housed in the sports stadium of Limbé with a capacity of 20000 seats, with the teams scheduled to train at the Limbe annexe stadium, Centenary stadium, Molyko Omnisport stadium and Municipal stadium. While the Finished hotel, Parliamentarian stadium, Mountain hotel and Atlantic Beach Hotel with camp the teams.
Finally, those in Group F will be housed in the city of Garoua where matches will be played at the Stadium Roumde Adja with a capacity of 30000 seats. The teams will train at the Roumde Adja Stadium, Poumpoumre stadium, Reyre stadium, Stadium of the Cenajes and Cotton Sports Football Camp. The selected hotels for the group are Hotel Benoue, Hotel Roumde Adja and Sports Hotel.
The competition is scheduled to begin from June 15 to July 13, 2019.