FIFA badged referee and arguable Nigeria’s most experience centre official, Ferdinand Udoh is on the brink of a career damaging injury with to his leg, reports.

Udoh has won the best Nigerian referee for 4 consecutive years and is an intelligent, humble and down to earth lad.

He has officiated in CAF and FIFA matches and has the eyes of a bat and the brilliance of a parrot. He is hardly involved in controversies and is loved by all.

Popularly called the ‘Howard Webb’ of Nigerian football, Udoh has battled with a career-threatening injury for several years, and has spent the better part of his resources trying to keep fit.

But the young lad and is now facing the sad reality of quitting the profession he loves so much at his prime.

There is need for an urgent operation on the injured leg else a budding career would come to an abrupt end. For more than six months, his tongue has not tasted a whistle. So sad!

He needs five million naira to save his life and career. As friends of Udoh, we are leading the SAVE UDOH CAMPAIGN. Join the train and let’s revive a career.