Top Nigeria and fast-rising Africa football website recently caught up with Caykur Rizespor and Super Eagles forward, Aminu Umar. Umar opened up on a wide range of interesting issues in this sit out. Enjoy the interaction:


AOIFootball: How is it going at Rizespor

Umar:  The fans are amazing, I’m here to do a professional job for them, we deserve to stay in the Süper Lig with the kind of football we are playing now. We have good players and by God’s Grace, the results will come.

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AOIFootball: Do you keep up with Osmanlıspor?

Umar: I keep up with the results from Osmanli, I want them to do well, they are currently 2nd in the Lig 1. I’d be hoping the team promotes straight back to the Süper Lig.

AOIFootball: Surely you love to represent Your country you scored 6 goals for at Nigerian under 20 with 2 in the Under 20 World Cup in 2013. Also, you scored 2 goals at the Olympics in 2016. Do you miss playing for Nigeria?

Umar: Only 11 players can start for the team. We Nigeria are blessed with so many talented players, and I respect them all. Anyone of us can deliver for our country if we play as a Team. obviously, I’d like to the part of the Super Eagles, but I am just focusing on my game trying to improve every Game & Correct my mistakes.

Umar line up with the bronze medal winning U23 National side in Brazil in 2016
Umar line up with the bronze medal-winning U23 National side in Brazil in 2016

AOIFootball: What is your view of Victor Moses joining Fenerbahce:

Umar: We played together for Nigeria vs Egypt in 2017. I was amazed at his ability to run with the Ball & to keep the ball under pressure. He is Quick, skilful and strong. I learnt a lot from him in that week with the Eagles.

I think he is Professional and very disciplined a good role model for young players, I am learning a lot from him on and off the pitch, most of what you will hear about him is his football & his wife and kids. He seems like a simple guy, that’s also the way I like to be.

AOIFootball: What is your playing style?

Umar: Firstly I’m still learning I think I can improve my game further, I think I love to use pace, I’m quick, and I try to get in behind the defence every time, I love to make runs, and like one-two passes, I love to enjoy myself out there, football should be fun, lastly I love to give 200% on the pitch, helping the team defensively when possible, my Mentality is to Win every game I play.

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On the video Game Fifa 19, they Rate you at 76, the 3rd best Nigerian Player. How do you feel about this?

Umar: I do not compare myself to others, I like to play the game. I see that my speed is 90 but Finishing is 65. Them no try o. Nawa for them.

AOIFootball:  To you, which is the best league in the world?

Umar: I’d love to Play in the La Liga, for me, it’s the best league in the world with the premier league in England. I want to improve my game even more and I think I can learn a lot if I play in those 2 leagues. It will be hard to say “No” to play in the Spanish or Premier League.

AOIFootball: On linked to Fenerbahce: Fenerbahce fans are always on your Instagram saying come to Fenerbahce, and they even made a welcome to Fenerbahce video for you on YouTube, is this an option for you? You have already scored and won them 3-0 at home, and you play them away in 10 days.

Umar: Fenerbahçe is a Big Big club, it’s an honour to be linked to such a massive club, but I’m currently an Osmanlıspor player on loan at Rizespor until May, I came to do a professional job for them. Let’s see what happens in the Summer.

I want to take each game as it comes. Firstly we have to play vs Malatya on Friday, then I can think of the Fenerbahce Game.
AOIFootball: You seem to be a family man?

Umar: I got Married last year to my beautiful wife, Aisha, and we have a son Khamil, he is 4 months Old.. they both live with me in Turkey, they are my motivation, straight after training and after every match, I’m so eager to go home to them, have a nice rest and prepare for the next match.