Famous Ogun State football administrator, Mr. Dare Osunsanya has taken up the challenge to continue the immense sustainability of football talent in the country by starting an academy aimed at grooming young footballers, reports.
Osunsanya, who has a pool of experience working with local clubs like Gateway FC, Ajiroba and Concord FC, told that he wants to groom the next generation of players through the JS Darinho Sports Academy.
“The aim is to catch them young and bring them up in what I call best practices and to also teach them the rudiment of the game.
“We also want to change their mentality so that by the time they become good enough through our grooming and development then the sky will be their limit,” Mr. Dare noted.
He continued by revealing that he wants the players to reach the pinnacle of their careers and one day goes on to represent Nigeria in future international competitions.
The academy will comprise of players between the ages 18-21 coupled with scholarship packages for the players in future to also study and play football.