The Team Manager of Enugu Rangers Int’l, Amobi Ezeaku has stated that he sees the players of the Nigeria Professional Football League as his brothers from the same parents, reports.
In an exclusive chat with in Abuja on their way to Gombe where the team is billed to face Adamawa United FC in a Match Day 2 encounter of the NPFL, the soon to be married graduate of International Sports Law and Diplomacy submitted that they are one family in the quest for success, hence he sees them as brothers.
“The reason is clear and simple; here we are a family, united and bound in the pursuit of success.
“I don’t see the players as players first; I see them first as my brothers from the same parents (Rangers). They’re very important. It is also very vital especially with the role it plays on the mind.
“My players see Rangers as more than a football club. In all, the bond and brotherhood propel us to glory,” said Ezeaku.
While reacting to comments on consequences that may arise by way of being too familiar with his players, the former solicitor of the Nigerian players said there is a line between professionalism and familiarity, and there is no chance of abuse of code of conduct.
“Not at all; the scope of professionalism is wide. We all know where to draw the line. The players have a code of conduct.
“Here at Rangers each person signs the dotted lines on the code of conduct and we are regulated by that. It breeds discipline and team cohesion,” Ezeaku concluded.